Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Mason Mansion

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5 x 7, oil on wood
(ready to hang or frame)

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It seems the longer I make paintings, the more challenging they seem to be. I love to make them, and i enjoy the challenge, but you would think, it would get easier instead of harder. Edgar Degas said "Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do". I am hoping this is the case. I think painting is a lifelong pursuit. Today's effort, "The Mason Mansion" is a painting of an enormous house the sits vacant, on the outskirts of Mason Ohio. It is 5 times bigger than any of the houses around it. I was trying to making a painting that feels like the place more than it looks like it. Simplifying shapes, pushing things, and holding off on other things. In the end, I think this painting is a little clunky, but I am happy with it. I stayed true to my process and intentions and in the end, something special did happen. I think i will try again tomorrow.

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DA Schuster Fine Art said...

Hey Greg!
Thanks for taking the time to stop and talk last Wednesday. I gave up on trying to find something on Main St. to paint and went back to the photography sets. You can see what resulted on my blog. Keep an eye out for us and I'll try to stop by your studio to chat when I'm in town.