Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rose by a Window

For detail, please click on the image.
12 x 6, oil on wood
(ready to hang or frame)
(free shipping)

Yesterday, I did a series of sketches of ideas for paintings. For my painting today, I decided to use the sketch I'm showing above of a vase of flowers in front of window. I like to make-up my paintings sometimes, and this looked like a good design. In my excitement to start, I grabbed a 6 x 12 inch panel instead of a square panel and I'm really not sure why. The painting literally started off much like the sketch but goes went through several changes in route to becoming the rose in front of the window. I should have done a time lapse movie. I felt like I was channeling Picasso doing a drawing of a rooster that becomes a rabbit that becomes a vase of flowers. I do like the strong pattern I was able to find, and the balance of warm and cool color.

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