Monday, August 9, 2010


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$90.00, 5 x 7, oil on wood
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(ready to hang or frame)

I love the summer. It could be 110 degrees, and I will not complain. The reality is, I do not like the winter. I could go on about the crickets at night and the smell of grass, but enough already. There are two ways I can always get my daughter to hang out with me, and one of them is not painting. Food or the pool. So we spent the afternoon at the pool yesterday where I was able to get this painting started.

I hate it when painters say they want to capture the essence or spirit of this or that. "Capture", is that really the word you want to use. If someone captured the essence of summer for example, in a painting, I would want to set it free. Free summer. Then I would release in into the wild.

I love the pool, especially the shiny ladders, and the way the sun sparkles. I like the way the sun warms everything, but the the sky, sneaks in and does it's little cooling thing. Hope you like it.

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Mary said...

This is great in so many ways!! Love it!!!